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Online Art Classes

Now offering weekly online Zoom art classes through Deanna Weinholtz Fine Art

Intermediate Watercolor Online Zoom Classes

Intermediate Watercolor Classes are appropriate for students that have mastered beginner level watercolor and are ready to move onto learning more techniques including wet-in-wet and wet-in-dry painting. This level teaches the concepts of painting in layers (glazing)             to create depth in your paintings. This level also incorporates the building blocks to a successful painting; Color Theory, Composition and Perspective. Deanna occasionally offers these building block classes as a series where she will teach each of these subjects in greater depth though every series class touches on these subjects as you are learning other concepts.

 If you are interested in one of these series of Color Theory, Composition or Perspective and do not see it on my schedule please email me to let me know you would like to be notified when one is scheduled. 


"Composition" - All Levels

Tuesday, July 25, August 1, 8 & 15 from 6:30 - 8:30pm on Zoom $80

Classes are videotaped and available for students on YouTube for four weeks after classes end

Understanding how to compose a composition is the foundation used to create a work of art. The elements and principles of design are the building blocks that make up a painting.

Applying the concepts you learn in this class will help improve all of you works. 























Experimental Watermedia Online Zoom Classes

Experimental Watermedia Series Classes are appropriate for advanced as well as intermediate watercolor students. In these series classes we will be exploring different techniques as well as adding water soluble mediums such as watercolor pencils,

watercolor crayons, fluid acrylics and inks. 

"Metallic Watermedia" - Intermediate & Advanced Students

Wednesday's June 28, July 5, 12 & 19 on Zoom from 9:00 - 11:00am $80

Classes are videotaped and available for students on YouTube for four weeks after classes end.

In this experimental watermedia class we will be changing things up by painting on black watercolor paper with metallic, iridescent and regular tube paints. The effects achieved from this method are stunning. Students may choose their own photo reference or use one provided by the instructor. 






Gather your friends, family or coworkers together for a fun paint night via zoom.

Paint nights are also a great idea for fundraisers. 

Packages available with supply bags or gather your own supplies.

Paint one of Deanna's themes or customize a painting for your group. 

Contact Deanna for more information

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