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Stronger than ever after injury - Deanna Weinholtz Fine Art

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I have made my comeback as an artist and am feeling stronger than I have ever been after an injury sidelined me 16 months ago. While on a trip to Italy, a stop in Pompeii resulted in a fall where I fractured both my wrists. One of them was severe enough to require surgery which I returned home for. Starting out in physical therapy was quite frightening as my left wrist didn't rotate much at all. For a professional working artist,

this was absolutely terrifying. My therapist reassured me that with a lot of hard work I would be back to painting and things I love again. After 9 very intense months of physical therapy followed by strengthening with a personal trainer, I am delighted to say I feel I am in the best shape I have ever been in! I regained full use of my wrists and am painting, drawing, teaching art and enjoying life to the fullest. My first watercolor after my recovery won "People's Choice Award" and I have also just completed my first large impasto acrylic painting since the accident. I had plenty of time to reflect upon my life and my art and I studied color theory and design theory right from the beginning while I had time to refresh. I also studied many new techniques and have been able to implement them now. I feel I have emerged as a more accomplished artist and am in a really good place to continue my learning and building upon my art career. I believe things happen for a reason, and this has changed me in so many positive ways. #landscapepainter #landscapepainting #deannaweinholtzfineart #italy #italypainting #italianmountainpainting #watercolorpainting #injuryrecovery #artistrecovery

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