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Updated: Jan 29

I have been adding to and modifying my water series for some time now. It began as acrylic with iridescent accents on watercolor paper. "Paradise" was the first of the series and I was honored to receive my first award for this painting. It has become a very special painting to me, as well as my family and has repeatedly shown the NFS (not for sale) displayed next to it in every show. Upon the urging of several collectors I released it as a very limited edition 1/5 artist enhanced giclee.

The next step in the series was to move to canvas as my substrate. Acrylic behaves quite differently on canvas than on watercolor paper. I took to the challenge and found that I could still incorporate the iridescent and metallic paints in a beautiful abstract format. My collectors responded very positively to these paintings on canvas. They love the gallery wrapped canvas that may be hung unframed as well as framed.

Now comes the very exciting next step in the series....Cradled hardboard with silver leaf ! Painting on a very slippery surface presents it's challenges, but the result is amazing! As I paint the water I am continually rubbing back to the silver metallic underneath. The result is a silver glow coming through the water. I am so happy to present this next painting in the water series,

"Inspired". Watch my posts to see the new direction my water series it taking!

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