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Creating "Paradise" Giclee by Deanna Weinholtz

Updated: Jan 28, 2020


I have been working on a very exciting new idea for my upcoming solo show "Northern Reflections". My painting of "Paradise" has had many requests for giclees, which I always declided to do. The original painting is done with iridescent paint and I felt it just wouldn't represent it well to reproduce on paper. This was very disappointing to many of my collectors so I wanted to come up with a solution. At this point my wonderful photographer at Pencil in the River entered the conversation and we have come up with a solution that has resulted in a giclee reproduction that I am sure my collectors will be as excited about as I am!

The giclee was printed on canvas, stretched as a gallery wrap on stretcher bars, sprayed with varnish, and wired for hanging. Once it was varnished with a matte finish I was able to layer paint, rub paint back, spray texture, and use any technique I used in the original painting to enhance the giclee without damaging it. I was able to add iridescent paint in the areas that the original painting has, but doesn't show up in the printing process. The gallery wrap on the sides was also painted to match the printing and continue the painting so it can be hung without a frame. The result is amazing. This will be a small limited edition and the first of the edition will be displayed and available at the opening of "Northern Reflections" on March 7th and will be available the entire length of the show March 7 - April 4 at River Art Gallery in North Tonawanda, NY. After the show has closed you may contact me if you would like to order one of these beautiful pieces of art


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